About us


Since its inception in 1998, NILE FRUITS group has been always striving for its customer satisfaction via being a world class export-driven fruit processor in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
As the largest B2B independent fruit ingredients manufacturer in the MENA region, NILE FRUITS offers a wide range of product spectrum that encompass a wide variety of Aseptic and Frozen fruit purees, Fruit compounds, IQF Fruits (whole, halves and diced). This is in Addition to a high class fruit preparation product range through its joint venture with the world leading AGRANA SA.


To establish an ever-stronger partnership with our customers to ensure an optimal response to their evolving needs in terms of constant high level quality, customized products, and total value services.


Strengthen and broaden NILE FRUITS position within high value market segments in line with market requirements. NILE FRUITS employees it's experience and specialized knowledge staff, and the use of state of the art technologies to fulfill its vision.


    The NILE FRUITS Group comprises of:
  • Three manufacturing companies.
  • An Agriculture company.
  • A European based trading Hub.
  • A GCC based trading Hub.

Group Social Responsibility

Alongside its economic targets, NILE FRUITS sets great weight on long-term social commitment. Its actions and decisions are taken with respect for nature and the environment. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our workforce are a key priority of our operational policies and procedures.

Group Sustainability policy

NILE FRUITS is a regional producer, marketer and provider of natural ingredients, ingredients systems and integrated solutions for the beverage and dairy industries. With its regional clients and partners, NILE FRUITS daily fulfill this purpose using a multitude of different raw materials. As a family-owned company founded in 1998, NILE FRUITS is committed to acting long-term and with responsibility in mind. Its focus and actions respect the principles of sustainability. NILE FRUITS understand sustainability to be an opportunity to balance economical, ecological and social issues, in order to achieve and guarantee long-term and lasting success. In pursuing these principles effectively and engaging our customers and partners to do the same, we focus on the three corners of the following pyramid:

  1. Work Force:

    NILE FRUITS focus on having satisfied employees. Treating all employees equally and fairly in addition to protecting human rights and accepting / fostering people's diversity.

  2. Work Performance:

    NILE FRUITS focuses on improving customer satisfaction, achieving sustainable growth together with keeping the company economically healthy. NILE FRUITS achieves this via performing consistent and creative R&D work and new product development.

  3. Earth:

    NILE FRUITS focuses on the use of optimum energy & water consumption through renewable energies, water and waste recycling less waste that leads to reducing environmental impact. To achieve sustainability, NILE FRUITS has integrated the above important basics into policy and work strategies NILE FRUITS commit itself to full compliance with all applicable legal environmental, health and safety requirements and all internal requirements.


  • Beverage industry.
  • Dairy industry.
  • Ice cream industry.
  • Bakery industry.
  • Confectionary industry.
  • Catering and Food Service industry.


    NILE FRUITS is widely recognized through being certified from:
  • ISO 22000-2005
  • OHSAS 18001-2007